Original Art, “Contes D’un Homme De Gout” Page 9


In this iconic page from Christoph Mueller’s 2013 debut graphic novel “The Mighty Millborough — Contes D’un Homme De Gout” the protagonist is walking home as night falls.

Two thirds of this original page consist of a heavily reworked “stat” (a copy glued to the original artwork): The house in the first panel is all original artwork, the house in panel two and three is a mix of original artwork and a copy, featuring extensive additions of details, cross-hatching, and a figure, all of which are original art.

One of only a few remaining originals from Mueller’s 2013 debut!

  • Ink, white-out, non-photo blue pencil and copy on Schoellershammer art paper
  • Format: 297mm x 210mm
  • Additionally signed in black ink upon request
  • Price includes international tracked and insured shipping
  • Please note that original artwork should always be framed using glass that offers UV protection!