Matters of Mind, Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany (solo)
The Mighty Millborough, la souris verte, Angoulême, France (solo)


European Cultural Heritage Through Comics , NOVA Festival, Pancevo, Serbia (group)


Christoph Mueller – Tales of Taste,  C/O, Aachen, Germany (solo)
HEY! GALLERY SHOW #1, Arts Factory, Paris, France (group)


Pulp Revisited, Quais de Polar/Chez Artprint, Lyon, France (group)


Amsterdam Tarot Show, Art Cafe De Cantine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (group)


Keep On Drawing, Galerie Susini, Aix-en-Provence, France (solo)
Un Homme De Goût, Bar du Musee Le Caprice, Montpellier, France (solo)
A Tribute To Robert Crumb, Amerika Haus, Munich, Germany (group)


MMMM, C/O, Aachen, Germany (group)
Life Is A Casino, MOHS exhibit, Kopenhagen, Denmark (group)


Stranger Than Blues, Eiszeit Kino, Berlin, Germany (solo)
Dada Meets Country, Mousonturm, Frankfurt a. M., Germany (with Nicolas Moog)
Moog & Mueller, L’Emile Vache, Metz, France (with Nicolas Moog)


Lower Haters Gallery, San Francisco, USA (group)
Carnival Of 5 Fires, Gallery 5, Richmond, USA (group)
Rediscover, Galerie Slowboy, Düsseldorf, Germany (group)
Rosetta Stone, Jena Kunstverein e.V., Jena, Germany (group)


Cupiditas, Deep Blues Music & Film Festival, St Paul, USA (solo)
Reverend Deadeye, Eiszeit Kino, Berlin, Germany (solo)


dreih+ertfünf+sechszig, Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany (group)


www.mycity.com.br, Festa di Internet/International Internet Exhibition, Florence, Italy (group)


www.mycity.com.br, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain (group)


www.mycity.com.br, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil (group)

The Mighty Millborough Expo
Poster announcing a Millborough exhibition during the 2020 Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angoulême
Christoph Mueller Tales of Taste Exhibition
“Tales Of Taste” solo exhibition, C/O, Aachen, Germany, 2017.
Mueller's work on display at “HEY! Gallery Show #1” at Gallery Arts Factory, Paris, France, 2017.
Mueller’s work on display (top left) at “HEY! Gallery Show #1” at Gallery Arts Factory, Paris, France, 2017.
Soloexhibition during the Rencontres du 9e Art at Galerie Susini in Aix-en-Provence, France 2013.
Solo exhibition at Galerie Susini in Aix-en-Provence, France during the 2013 Rencontres du 9e Art festival.
Mueller's print on display at Quais de Polar
Mueller’s Nincompoop print on display at the Quais de Polar’s “Pulp Revisited” exhibition in Lyon, France in 2016.