loBURN Magazine Feature

My work can be seen in the current issue of loBURN magazine. It’s a special edition entirely dedicated to R. Crumb and its main feature is a lengthy 30 question interview with the master himself. The interview was conducted by artist Lana Gentry (who by the way may be one of the most painted and drawn women alive) especially for this issue. If you’d ask me, Crumb is one of the greatest artists we currently have the pleasure to shareRead more

Tonton #8

Due to the release of my first book in France I have been invited to a number of French comic festivals this year. During the course of these travels I had the pleasure to meet a lot of very kind people. One of them is Gilles Rochier whom I met in Angouleme, since we share the same publisher. Gilles has been in the BD-business (short for bande dessinée, which is French for comic strip) for a lot longer than me. Aside fromRead more