Mineshaft Magazine No. 35.

The fine folks of Mineshaft Magazine have done it again: Another wonderful issue is printed and ready for shipping! Number 35 is dedicated to the memory of Comix-legend and long time Mineshaft contributor Jay Lynch, whom we sadly lost last year. Yet again a breathtaking accumulation of talent makes up the list of contributors: Robert Armstrong, Nina Bunjevac, Billy Childish, Wm. Crook Jr., R. Crumb, Rika Deryckere, Mary Fleener, Bill Griffith, Aaron Lange, Pat Moriarity, Ed Piskor, Peter Poplaski and Art Spiegelman.

This issue also marks ten years of being a Mineshaft contributor for me. With all the changes my life has gone through during that time, Mineshaft has remained one of the few constants and source of much positivity. As Art Spiegelman puts it in the current issue: “Mineshaft is a ray of light in bleak times.” … that has certainly been true to me again and again in the last ten years.

You can order your copy here.