The Mighty Millborough Indiegogo campaign!

I am currently putting the finishing touches on The Mighty Millborough, the next book I will be publishing myself. I have set up an Indiegogo campaign. The book is set in 1930s small town America and concerns the days of Millington F. Millborough; bachelor gentleman and distinguished eccentric. The Mighty Millborough should be an old acquaintance to everybody who has been following my work over the past years. His adventures are tales of perplexity, wonder, and toy soldiers; lust, loneliness and the greatRead more

Nincompoop No.1 released!

I am happy to announce that my very first self-published comic is finally a reality: NINCOMPOOP No. 1 is now available to order! It features three all new stories, roughly ranging from the autobiographical to the bizarre, from the philosophical to the banal. 36 pages in full-color International customers click here German customers click here.Read more

The Draughtsman ♣ 03 — Magazine Comic.

The fourth episode of our occasional web-series “The Draughtsman – Tales From The Drawing Board” takes us along as I create a one-page comic for a local magazine. You will see the full process from pencils, inks, colors, and printed feature. All set to to some lively tunes in order to turn a very tiresome and slow process into a swift joy for the eye.Read more

The Baron of Solitude

I’ve been asked for prints of this drawing many times and am happy to finally be able to offer “The Baron of Solitude” in an adequate form. The original artwork has been given a careful workover — it’s been looked over thoroughly, cleaned up and little imperfections were corrected. The white on black lettering has been reworked meticulously and now fits the rest of the piece much better. As all of my fine art prints it is printed with Lucia pigment inks andRead more

Mom’s Typewriter on Conan

20 years ago when I was a naive teenager with big dreams of becoming the next David Carson I created a series of fonts. Heavily influenced by the fashion of the time they were mostly of the grunge category. I released some of them as free fonts; one of those fonts was Mom’s Typewriter which was created from a strike-up of my mother’s antique typewriter. 20 years later it has become quite popular and has been used countless times in print and online; it can for example beRead more

The Earth Is All That Lasts

It’s been four years since I worked with my friend Willem Maker on the cover artwork for AGAPAO, which the New York Times subsequently considered one of the best one-man band records ever. They were also kind enough to refer to me as a “brilliant illustrator”, and who am I to argue with such a prestigious paper! Today, Willem Maker is releasing the somber counterpart to AGAPAO entitled The Earth Is All That Lasts. Once again I had the honorRead more

Zine Machine Festival Appearance!

I am extremely pleased to announce that I will attend this year’s Zine Machine Printed Matter Festival in Durham, North Carolina on February 20th. The festival is flying me in from Germany to join my fellow Mineshaft regulars Aaron Lange and Pat Moriarity. On top of that I will finally get a chance to meet the wonderful people behind Mineshaft Magazine –– namely Everett Rand and Gioia Palmieri –– who have been generously publishing my work since 2008. But that’s not all! My friend Zebulon Whatley of SonsRead more