The Mighty Millborough – Verhalen van een man met smaak.

Verhalen Van Een Man Met Smaak

My first Millborough book has just been published in Dutch and I couldn’t be happier. The production is fantastic and I really like the slightly smaller size vs. the original French edition. It adds a surprising amount of charm. It’s also the very first of my books that I can actually read.

On a glance the cover might seem similar to the 2013 French edition, but upon closer inspection one will notice that it has in fact been completely redrawn. The difference is most striking inside the center vignette featuring “Georgiette”, Millborough’s stately mansion. It now more closely resembles the way it appears in my Sassafras County diorama. 

The Mighty Millborough – Verhalen van een man met smaak is now available across The Netherlands and Belgium from Concertobooks.

You can order it here.

A direct comparison between the 2013 French edition (top) and the 2021 Dutch edition. Note the difference in size and completely redrawn cover.