The Earth Is All That Lasts.

It’s been four years since I worked with my friend Willem Maker on the cover artwork for AGAPAO, which the New York Times subsequently considered one of the best one-man band records ever. They were also kind enough to refer to me as a “brilliant illustrator”, and who am I to argue with such a prestigious paper! Today, Willem Maker is releasing the somber counterpart to AGAPAO entitled The Earth Is All That Lasts. Once again I had the honor to provide the cover artwork. We went for a darker, more elementary approach this time, visually matching the spirit of the music. I made extensive use of drawing white on black, utilizing an assortment of white inks and paints. To get a musical impression of TEIATL plus a visual insight into my process of creating the artwork I have put together a little music video (see below).

The Earth Is All That Lasts is available as digital download HERE.