Zine Machine Festival Appearance!

I am extremely pleased to announce that I will attend this year’s Zine Machine Printed Matter Festival in Durham, North Carolina on February 20th. The festival is flying me in from Germany to join my fellow Mineshaft regulars Aaron Lange and Pat Moriarity. On top of that I will finally get a chance to meet the wonderful people behind Mineshaft Magazine –– namely Everett Rand and Gioia Palmieri –– who have been generously publishing my work since 2008. But that’s not all! My friend Zebulon Whatley of Sons Of Perdition fame will be joining me at my table and make things even more outstanding. I will be bringing a series of all new prints, which will be available at the Festival for the first time anywhere!

In addition we will offer a limited, signed and numbered edition of the poster I created for the Festival, for which I recently received praise for from no other than R. Crumb himself:

“The promotional flyer for the “Zine Festival” that Christoph Mueller made is a beautiful thing. Do you have any idea how much time and concentration it takes to do a thing like this? There is a LOT of work in this little flyer! To do such an elaborate, tightly executed design — the preparation, the careful planning of the layout, the tight precision of the lettering and borders… Unbelievable. This young artist is certainly NOT AFRAID OF WORK!”

-R. Crumb, Dec. 19th, 2014

See you at Zine Machine!