The Mighty Millborough Indiegogo campaign!

I am currently putting the finishing touches on The Mighty Millborough, the next book I will be publishing myself. I have set up an Indiegogo campaign. The book is set in 1930s small town America and concerns the days of Millington F. Millborough; bachelor gentleman and distinguished eccentric. The Mighty Millborough should be an old acquaintance to everybody who has been following my work over the past years. His adventures are tales of perplexity, wonder, and toy soldiers; lust, loneliness and the great mystery of it all. This will be the first time the tales of Millborough will be available in English. To make it all happen I have started an Indiegogo campaign. It’s you opportunity to support the project directly and a swell way to secure some rather attractive perks at the same time. Here are the details:

  • The Mighty Millborough collects all Millborough strips and stories I have drawn between 2011 and 2016, including nine pages of all new material never published before!
  • 24 grandiosely oversized pages in beautiful full color measuring a massive 11½ by 16½ inches!
  • It will feature a special endnotes section with little known facts and curious annotations!
  • Available for the very first time in English!
  • The Mighty Millborough will be shipped to all supporters in November, even if we don’t reach the funding goal!

Head over to The Mighty Millborough’s Indiegogo campaign to help fund this extravagant volume today!

Parts of The Mighty Millborough appeared between 2012 and 2015 in Mineshaft Magazine in the United States and MovieBeta Magazine in Germany, and were published as the graphic novel The Mighty Millborough – Contes d’un homme de goût in France. This will be the first time all the material is collected into one volume, complemented by new material, and presented in lavish full color! Help me spread the word and check out the Indiegogo campaign for full details!

Christoph Mueller with The Mighty Millborough
“Could I interest you in a comic book?”