The Nincompoop Opinions.

Here are some responses to my recently published comic “The Nincompoop”:

“[…] it’s his own unique voice that informs each story, the voice of an observer with a keen eye, a dark but rollicking sense of humor and a surprising amount of empathy for both himself and others.”
– Rob Clough for The Comics Journal
Read the whole review on The Comics Journal website here.

“I enjoyed this comic quite a bit. Painstakingly crafted and funny as hell.”
– Gary Groth

“My copy arrived in the mail last week. Only 500 copies were printed. And yes, the inside of this book DOES truly contain the most expertly drawn and most entertaining stories ever done in the history of the world!”
– Jay Lynch

“I’m a huge fan! Herr Mueller has the real goods. My new favorite comics artist/writer.”
– Mark Zingarelli

the nincompoop Review
“The Nincompoop” reviewed in MovieBeta.